For New Moms – Take a MOMent

Since COVID there has been a shift in time spent together in real time and that includes Moms groups. Meet Aly Shampain, the founder behind Take…

Plan ahead for fall

I do hope that you have enjoyed a magical summer with your family. I'm getting a little panicked at the idea of the move into fall weather, but…

Magical Fall Beach Sessions

As the summer comes to a close don't forget how beautiful the beach can be in September and October. I grew up in a beach…

Jen’s ‘must do’s’ in Portugal

Portugal is gaining popularity as a holiday destination and I recently found a window of time to explore. My plan was to balance seeing as…

What to wear to your beach session

Many of you have been asking about wardrobe choices for your beach session. Personally, I like to steer away from all white. To me that…

Rosè anyone?

It's time to stock up on Rosè and my friend, Jesse Warner-Levine owner of Convive Partners in New York City not only has shared his…

Gift ideas

If supporting small businesses is important to you and you are looking for a meaningful gift for someone in your family- look no further! We…

Donation Time of Year

Do you have an upcoming fundraiser that is close to your heart? Are you looking for donations that have value and will draw people to…

Let’s Make a Difference!

Each year we host a fundraiser at our studio in March. This year we have chosen The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I am sure that…

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