Lady Savant Magazine

Lady Savant Magazine
Summer 2015
by Mariel

Jennifer and Mac Hartshorn with daughters, Madeline & Cameron “PICTURE-Perfect Family-preneurs”

Jennifer Hartshorn is the matri- arch behind Hartshorn Portrai- ture; a boutique family portrait studio in Hoboken owned by herself and her husband Mac. Upon meeting Jennifer, you know you are in the presence of a savvy and very sweet busi- ness lady capable of balancing marriage and business in one single relationship! How did this happen? Read ahead!

How did you and your husband Mac decide to start a business?

I am originally from the UK but arrived in the USA over 25 years ago. We moved from Miami to Hoboken to start a family.
My husband, Mac, was a fashion photographer and I ran his business and represented photographers. I had been spending a fair amount of time in NYC so this felt like a logical place to settle. We found out that I was pregnant the day we arrived in Hoboken which was a bit of a shock as we did not know anyone as yet.  Six months after the baby was born – another shock – pregnant again. We realized that our career paths were not conducive to raising a family. I worked long hours and Mac travelled a great deal.

Hoboken is full of children and I suppose that is how we came up with the idea of opening a boutique family portrait studio in Hoboken. For a while I tried to juggle two kids, the fashion busi- ness, my business and the new studio. Needless to say- changes had to be made. I closed my business and we were able to phase out the fashion photography as our portrait studio became successful.

What your typical day is like?

My typical day starts with working out before heading the the office. I handle the marketing and sales and my husband is the photographer. I try to get home anywhere between 3.30 and 5pm. Our children are 13 and 14 years old and go to a school 2 blocks away so they are capable of getting home on their own. Great quality of life! Often I have to come back to the studio and meet with clients but I still feel that I get to spend some quality time with our girls.

How do you manage working with your hubby?

It is tough working with your husband. Patience and respect are two major things that I focus on in our working relationship. My husband loves the fact that the girls see us working to provide a home and put food on the table and he hopes that this will help to give them good work ethic as adults. The girls have started working with us already! Once a year we hold a fundraiser. The girls offer dog portraits and all the proceeds go to the Liberty Humane Society. They are pretty good photographers!