About Us

Our business is all about families because family is our driving force. Hartshorn Portraiture was born out of the desire to keep our family close and connected while pursuing our passions. We like to think of ourselves as “family-preneurs.”

Previously in the fashion industry (we actually met at a shoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine, 25 years ago!), we wanted to find a balance between work and family life. Once married, we moved from the hustle and bustle of Miami to the city-meets-suburb of Hoboken for the best of both worlds. We soon found ourselves with two-under-two at home (they’re in college now!) which only further solidified our love of capturing family moments.

As the matriarch behind the business, Jennifer brings her ex-pat charm and a keen eye for design which perfectly complements Mac’s extraordinary photography skills honed by 30 years of experience.

What sets Hartshorn Portraiture apart from other photography studios is the luxurious, full-service experience. From the moment we meet to when you unwrap your magnificent, custom-designed pieces of art, a relationship is formed that goes far beyond our service. Our clients become a part of our family.

We built the studio on our three passions: quality, customer service, and a deep appreciation for memorializing moments in time. We are fully focused on creating personal, bespoke portraits of families including infants, children, expectant parents, generations, and more. As the parents of two, we understand the fleeting moments of childhood and the power of perfectly capturing a cherished moment in time. 

It is our hope that you share in the love and passion of what we do and who we are. We have created a gorgeous, sun-drenched studio where fine-art photography meets a family-friendly atmosphere, resulting in the most luxurious and indulgent photographic experience. 

Mac and Jennifer Hartshorn

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