Lighting You Will Love

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As you know by now, I adore interior decor. I am constantly searching for new ways to add emotion, texture, and ambiance to a room. I truly believe that lighting can make or break a room.

Recently, I came across this blog post from the Inspired Room featuring gorgeous table lamps. And the best part? They are ALL affordable and available at trusty Target.

The collection curated in the post is really right up my alley. Neutral colors, a bold pop of blue, intriguing textures, and creative shapes for the bases — I want them all.

While each lamp is beautiful in its own way, but I am quite partial to the texture of #5, and the bold base of #6.

Shopping around on the site, I found some floor lamps that are also gorgeous. I was particularly drawn to the brass metals, modern shapes, and oversized shades – which seem to be very chic at the moment.

Which is your favorite? 

Cheers to new cocktail glasses.

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As the day winds down, most nights I indulge in a cocktail before I cook dinner, and I sit and take in the view from my apartment.  Typically, my cocktail of choice is a simple gin and tonic.

But having a nightly cocktail is more than just enjoying a beverage, to me it’s more of a three-fold experience — what it is you’re sipping, who you are sipping with and what you are sipping from.

I have two exquisite, hand-cut glasses from the 40’s that I pulled out of the cupboard the other day. (Sadly, I seemed to have broken the rest over the years and a move.)

On the hunt to expand my collection, I stumbled upon these beautiful coupe glasses from Crate and Barrel. Don’t they make you feel like dressing up and putting on red lipstick? (Even if it’s just to sit in your living room.)

A divine recipe.

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Recently, I started following Athena Calderone who is a talented interior designer but also posts some seriously delicious recipes.

Her handle on Instagram is @eyeswoon, and her website is beautiful too.

Inspired by a recent post, this past Friday we made her divine white beans and citrus roasted fennel dish. It was a no-brainer for me, because I believe white beans and fennel were just created to be together, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the dish since saw the post.

The final verdict? The aroma was incredible, made my entire apartment smell like a restaurant in the Mediterranean, and the dish itself was mouthwatering. I’d recommend serving it with fish or chicken, though we ate it alone. Well, paired with champagne. And it was perfection.