Jennifer’s Spring Skincare

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Like many women,  I have put on weight and not taken great care of myself in the last year and that especially includes my skin. I realized that I have run out of most of my products, stopped doing face masks, and let skincare take a backseat to my daily routines. So, I vowed to revamp my spring skincare, and so far it’s working out quite nicely.

I decided to give the Drunk Elephant brand a try – it has only been a few days so far, but I like the results. I have been using their C serum for the morning and retinol in the evening, which is incredibly important for our aging skin. I’m not so impressed with their moisturizer but will give it time.

I also received a sample of the AHA mask which is wonderful, but I found a much less expensive option in The Ordinary.

Part of my skincare revamp has to do with my discovering London-based Trinny Woodhall in IG. Not only does she make me laugh, but she has great advice on how to take care of your skin, clothes, styling etc. She recommends a moisturizer by Dennis Gross which I would really like to try.

I’m also a big believer in products that stand the test of time.  I have been using this moisturizing mask by Clarins since I started using my mums as a teenager. She would get so cross with me – but I love it! If your face feels dry, or you feel signs of a pimple apply before you go to bed and sleep in it. It’s a miracle!

Finally, Trinny introduced me to LED light therapy,  which sounds like an absolute miracle for our skin. Apparently, with routine use, LED skin light therapy can smooth fine lines and wrinkles, firm your skin, reduce the appearance of sun and age spots, even skin tone and texture  — the list goes on.

She has been experimenting with two LED light mask options with different price points and, so far, she can’t tell the difference. That gives me hope!  I can’t justify dropping $450 on the LED mask by Dennis Gross which seems to be the top pick overall. So, here is a link to less expensive options.

Finally, Milena introduced me to the NuFace which uses micro-current to lift and tone the skin. It’s another fascinating gadget that seems to be worth the investment if it’s used consistently and correctly. But, if you don’t want to invest in the money, these Guasha tools are an excellent alternative to stimulate your skin.

By vowing to take better care of my skin, not only am I investing a bit of time and money into my skin’s health and appearance, but it’s also an investment in my confidence. Plus, I find it so relaxing to take time each day to cleanse, moisturize, and treat my skin. Everyone needs a spring refresh, right?

My Visit to Dr. Poynor

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I was debating on whether to share this image,  but it made me laugh so hard that I felt I should. Here is a bit of backstory. 

Friday night, I made a list of things to do before finishing my workday. Neighbors arrived for cocktails, we were chatting and I had this thought that I had left something really important off my list, but I did not know what it was. So, I wrote this note to myself, and at some point over the weekend, I remembered.

Yes, we are all forgetful — but in your 50’s it can become a problem. Women talk about so much, so openly — but Hormone Replacement Therapy seems to be something that most keep private. Memory and hair loss, anxiety, and trouble sleeping are just a few of the challenges.

Last year, I met Dr. Poynor of Poynor Health last year, and explained my situation expecting very little. She replied she was  “results-driven” and not to worry, that I would feel better soon enough.

Now, I’m following a plant-based protocol and the changes are subtle over time but after about 4 weeks I realized I was much less anxious and sleeping 100% better.

Visiting Poynor Health is an experience in itself. Located on the Upper East Side, it’s quite a departure from the average OBGYN visit. Warm and welcoming staff, delicious smells, a luxurious waiting room with sexy lighting, comfortable sofas, and pretty throws. I felt like I was in Hollywood!

The consultation and examination rooms are no different – pink velvet chairs no medical supplies insight. Then, Dr. Poynor makes her entrance, a stunning woman, fabulously dressed with all the time in the world for you.

I can’t recommend her services enough. Her work is her life and it shows- I have had phone calls with her at 9pm on a Sunday night!

As a dear friend of mine in the UK recently said, “Why should we suffer if there is an alternative?” I thoroughly agree!

Jennifer’s Spring Fashion Finds

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In honor of Women’s History Month, I decided to treat myself a bit this month to some fresh new wardrobe pieces. I am so glad that I did. Here’s what I am loving for spring!

Mini Dress

I have wanted a dress by Veronica Beard for some time, so I took the plunge and ordered this one during their sale. I love it but am a bit concerned about the length at my age. I think I’m just going to go for it, though! Also, Rue La La recently had a sale on her dresses with even better prices, so I am waiting for that delivery. I’ll report back.

While daydreaming of warmer weather, I also fell in love with this inexpensive dress from Lulu’s. It is lined, and I plan to wear it during the day with a denim jacket.

Classic Spring Pump

If you are looking for a classic spring pump to put a pep in your step, Banana Republic has some seriously sexy options that are also pretty comfortable and affordable. It’s a win/win.

Are Skinny Jeans Out?

I’m not going to be the one to say that skinny pants are out — I’ll leave that to the TikTokers who think side parts are also outdated.

What I will say, is that flares are definitely in.

Unfortunately, Aritzia pants did not work for me so I am trying some options by Reiss which is a UK company that has incredible quality. I ordered some from the sale, so we will see!

Comfortable Heels

Lastly, I find comfortable heels hard to find, but fortunately, I discovered Stuart Weitzman after my foot surgery. The price point is the unfortunate part of the equation, though, I do have a collection of blue boxes in my wardrobe that I adore.

I tend to wait for the sales but am so in love with these nude heels for the spring. I’ve noticed they are having more 25% discount sales lately, so I’m just waiting to pounce.

I also purchase a gorgeous pair of comfortable sandals from Cole Haan that were on sale.

Happy shopping!