Camille Cesari ‘Loveprints’

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Camille Cesari is known for her unique Loveprints jewelry cast in stirling silver and gold.

Camille Cesari Loveprints

Camille Cesari Loveprints

The joy of creating a loveprint is the do-it-yourself factor which entails making a wax impression of your loved ones thumb print. Julie created a silver bracelet of her parents and sons prints. Its stunning.

Perfect for Mothers Day buy a kit today and take prints of all the kids for Mom or Grandmother.

Loveprints can be made from your pets paw print too.

We met Camille when Julie and Jennifer did a pearl stringing course with her last year.

Last week we did a beading course.  Much hilarity ensued while recycled old necklaces, adding yummy stones from her selection.

Learning this cool skill is perfect for your next girls night out.  Call for Spring and Summer schedules or to customize a beading party with your friends. 



Dove Chocolate Parties and Classes

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Death By Chocolate Dove Chocolate Style!

Dove chocolates

Dove chocolates

Gourmet ready-to-eat chocolate products where a portion of the profits benefit charities. 

Picture this. You host a chocolate tasting party for your friends. You all sample delicious treats and at the end of the party purchase ready-to-eat or ready-to-bake goodies.

Choose from sinful chocolate mousse that takes minutes to prepare, but tastes like the best restaurant dessert you have ever had. Or try the chocolate maritini drink mix (party in a bottle!), decadent smoothie mixes or super simple and decadent baking items(truffle fudge brownies, cupcakes, cookies, etc).

Parties can be hosted in home or office and feature products from the Dove Chocolate Discoveries line. 

Contact Cynthia O’Keefe for additional details on how to arrange a chocolate tasting party, candy making classes (for adults and children) as well as order products for corporate gift giving or single orders and reorders.

Phone  201 795 4049    Email cynthia.okeefe@verizon.net

Tiki Party

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Bay Head Tiki Party 2008

One balmy summer evening in 2008, Linda and Alan Laymon invited friends and neighbors to an exotic Tiki party around their pool in Bay Head. The event was to celebrate Mac Hartshorn’s exhibition of children photographed on the Jersey Shore. Large canvases were planted amongst lush foliage around the pool and lit by flares and candles.  

Guests were greeted with bright leis and mint topped mojitos and invited to nibble on scallops wrapped in bacon, fat shrimp and other seafood delights. By nights end the tiki hut was the place to be, new friendships had been formed and everyone was seen to have a lot of fun. Many guests rode bicycles home along the quiet streets toting Hartshorn gift bags on their handlebars. 

If you would like to introduce Mac Hartshorn’s photography to your beach pals give us a call on  201 610 1199  to organize an exhibition and party in your neck of the woods!