10 Cabin Fever Fixes for Kids

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cabin feverHelp! Cabin Fever! I’m trapped in the house with my crazed littles and it’s a. raining b. snowing c. freezing d. they’re too ill to go out and too energized to sit still

We hear your cry! We’ve found some fun things to keep the littles occupied and cabin fever at bay that don’t require a screen or 16 insane ingredients.

Get ’em tired:  Set up an obstacle course. Release some pent-up energy with a temporary indoor obstacle course. It might consist of a few chairs in a row to wriggle under, six plastic cups to run circles around, a squared off area to perform ten jumping jacks, then three somersaults down the hall before turning around to do it all backwards. Older kids can set up a simple obstacle course for smaller kids. A word of caution: you may want to put safety rules in place before the frenzy begins.

Keep all the balls in the air Juggling boosts brain development. It’s also fun once you get the hang of it. Here’s more about juggling including how-tos. Start with three balls and master toss juggling then move on to more complex moves. Recommend you use things that are soft- marshmallows, oatmeal packets- oranges- look around!

And speaking of marshmallows Build geometric sculptures. This takes only toothpicks and miniature marshmallows. It’s a great way to make free form sculptures while discovering some principles of geometry. As the marshmallows dry they’ll adhere ever more tightly to the toothpicks. They’ll also form a surface hard enough for some sculpture enhancement. After a day or two of drying the kids can decorate their sculptures with markers or paint if they’d like.

 Target shoot with the leftover marshmallows after first making marshmallow or pom pom shooters

If you don’t have marshmallows or pom poms- you can make pom poms

And while you have the yarn out Yarnbomb a piece of furniture. Out of yarn? Check the donation box for an old sweater to unravel

Get your Spielberg on  Make a movie. Choose your genre and go! Remember Spielberg started making movies as a kid so be sure to save your child’s film for posterity. Fame may hit.

Maybe it’s a pirate movie so why not stage a treasure hunt. First, hide a prize. The prize doesn’t have to be a toy (it could be a cool drink or a packed lunch!). Next, hide clues. use pictures for non readers. For readers try riddles, short rhymes, or question-based clues. Each one should lead the child to a spot where the next clue is hidden. If you have more than one child let everyone search for clues and figure them out together.

Play with tape. Rolls of painter’s tape or masking tape can spur new play ideas. Toy cars and action figures can travel along roadways made of tape stretched along on the floor. Overpasses, buildings, and other roadside features can be made from shoeboxes and other cardboard discards. Tape a giant tic tac toe board on the carpet, then use two sets of matching items for Xs and Os. Stretch tape across a hard surfaced floor to mark out hopscotch .

Make snow cones. Simply crush ice in a blender, then top with a syrup made from frozen fruit juice concentrate that’s thawed and undiluted.

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