Carrie Gallaway CFP®, YorkBridge Wealth Partners

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 “It’s really all about helping people.”– Carrie Gallaway

I met Carrie at a Women Entrepreneurs of Hudson County event and was thrilled to speak with someone who saw the family finances from a female perspective.

Before we get into business- what are 3 things you’d want to share with people reading this about yourself:

1) My husband and I have been Hoboken residents for 20 years
2) I have two fantastic children age 11 and 9
3) I’m the author of the book Your Money, Your Life; a Woman’s Guide to Building Wealth of a Secure Financial Future and Ideal Retirement.

I read that women make up 46 percent of financial services employees but at the executive level, it’s only 15 percent female. What drew you to this industry?

I’ve always loved numbers and math. When applying to colleges I also knew I wanted to do something in finance. I was immediately drawn to the industry when I learned about investments. However, the finance field is very broad, and it was after working for about five years, when I realized that I really liked helping individuals and families with their personal finances. I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM because I wanted to gain additional tools and knowledge to assist my clients.

What’s the best thing about working outside the house for you? And, conversely, what’s the worst?

The best thing about working outside of the house is helping my clients realize their dreams and create a better life for themselves and their family. Just today, I was able to help a client create a plan and strategy so she can purchase a new house. It is very rewarding to see years of planning and hard work pay off.
The worst thing about working outside of the house, is dealing with the coordination of activities and dinner prep for the family. Sometimes it feels like another part-time job!

I like to ask everyone- what’s your WHY? What takes you away from home and family to do what you do?

I have two “why’s”. The first is the gratification I feel when I am able to help clients meet their goals and simplify their life. I love when someone tells me they aren’t worried anymore or they now feel organized. My second “why” comes from a very personal situation with my own family. Within my own family, I witnessed how unexpected changes in life circumstances can dramatically change one’s financial future, but with the right expert guidance and partnership, one can also persevere and come out of the situation with the ability to meet financial and life goals. Being able to help my extended family through two major life transitions is a great part of what makes me able to empathize with clients, build trust and hear what clients want and need.  It’s really all about helping people.

In five years, what does this career path look like? Or is it another?

There is no other career path for me! I expect to be doing more or less exactly the same thing as I’m doing now. However, I would like to continue to expand the client base and to add a junior financial advisor to the team. Being able to mentor and share my knowledge with younger employees in order to help more people is definitely in the cards.

If anyone wants to reach out for more information from you on planning their financial future- how would they do that?

For more information, please check out: I can be reached directly at or (212) 574-4076.

You can also follow Yorkbridge on LinkedIn  and on Facebook .

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