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A Gallery Wall- The Story of Us

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  If you are considering a gallery wall for your home we can help. There are no absolutes when putting your gallery together and no room is exempt. I am happy to work with you using images from your family’s history, such as a wedding or grandparent image- as well as images taken by Hartshorn… Read more »

Stunning Holiday Card Displays

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Creating Stunning Holiday Card Displays Banisters and fireplace mantels are the traditional go-to’s for holiday card displays. I really wanted to celebrate all the greetings friends and family spent so much time to put together (who mails anything any more?). The displays above use found objects like pallet wood or rough-hewn boards, the sled was… Read more »

Giving Back to the Community

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We’ve always believed that supporting the community is a great way to give back to those who have supported Hartshorn Portraiture. Volunteer groups, as well as non-profits do so much to help our communities, but they can’t do it alone. Schools are suffering in every state and children and families are in dire need. We are always… Read more »

Table Decor: Fresh Spring Flowers

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Spring offers a bounty of fresh flowers to complement any decor. Pair them with simple clear containers and accessorize with Spring hallmarks- nests, pretty dyed eggs, even quails eggs, for beautiful, seasonal, displays. Experiment with multiple small containers as well as larger vases for woody branches of lilacs, cherry or quince blossoms.    

Attention Gardeners-Start Your Lettuces!

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It’s about 8 weeks before the frost is gone. This year be ready for the short season for growing leafy greens. Start your lettuce seeds indoors  . You can either start the seeds with a bit of potting soil in a cardboard egg carton. The seeds should be buried lightly under the dirt and will sprout… Read more »