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Thomas Keller (of Per Se fame) Is Now Making Chocolate

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Thomas Keller   Thomas Keller the renowned multi 3-star Michelin chef of The French Laundry in California and Per Se here in NY has partnered to create an incredible anti-oxident Chocolate Bar. K+M Extravirgin Chocolate is built around three signature chocolates from Peru, Ecuador and Madagascar using single-origin, responsibly grown cocoa beans. Keller and his… Read more »

Is Your Kitchen Green?

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You worry about organic, free range, non-GMO, fair trade and on and on. Your refrigerator is clean in food as well as actually being clean. But have you considered that what you are cleaning your fridge (and stove and countertops and cutting boards, etc) WITH could be filled with harmful chemicals that you may be absorbing… Read more »

Essential Oils 101

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I’ve always been a fan of essential oils- lavender for sleep, lemon oil for cleaning products etc. But I didn’t know about all the benefits diffusing essential oils bring to your home and your health. I picked up a book that was just published a couple of weeks ago called  Just the Essentials by Adina… Read more »

Let Your Light Shine!

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Winter seems to turn my hair into a frizzy flyaway zone!  Extreme temps, cold weather and hats conspire to make curly locks into something resembling shredded wheat. Unless you’ve got my secret weapon: Jack Gibson, owner of Mad One Jacks at 1st and Madison. He works absolute magic keeping hair looking soft and shiny, whether… Read more »

Emma Watson and Sustainable Chic #30 Wears

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What is #30 Wears About? Our family are all big Harry Potter fans and we were quick to notice Emma Watson’s participation in EcoAge– a consultancy that uses influencers to address the issues of our day by delivering solutions, through ethical and sustainable values. Emma’s focus is on fashion. Specifically that today we buy 80… Read more »