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Helping Kids Get Back to School

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Going back to school brings back memories of fresh notebooks and pens and shoes that needed breaking in. For many children in our area going back to school is a challenge because their families are struggling to provide the basics.Several Hudson County organizations are holding back-to-school drives for young students whose families may not be… Read more »

Emma Watson and Sustainable Chic #30 Wears

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What is #30 Wears About? Our family are all big Harry Potter fans and we were quick to notice Emma Watson’s participation in EcoAge– a consultancy that uses influencers to address the issues of our day by delivering solutions, through ethical and sustainable values. Emma’s focus is on fashion. Specifically that today we buy 80… Read more »

These Shoes Are Anything But Flat

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The perfect mum shoes should be comfy but stylish- and if it’s also made of recycled plastic bottles, carbon free rubber, recycled foam and washable? They’re Rothys- approved by Anna Wintour, a sell-out at Gwyneth Paltrow’s MRKT in San Francisco and super-cute. Offered in two iconic styles (pointy and not pointy) made of a completely… Read more »

School Lunches and Jamie Oliver

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No one loves packing school lunches. Creativity escapes even the best of us at 6 am. I did, despite my best intentions, feel inspired by this article on Goop about what chefs are feeding their little ones. Though making 4-course bento boxes probably isn’t in my morning plans I do like the idea of sending my… Read more »