In the Kitchen and at the Bar

Rosè anyone?

It's time to stock up on Rosè and my friend, Jesse Warner-Levine owner of Convive Partners in New York City not only has shared his…

Veggie “Beef” Wellington

Beef Wellington is, of course,  a thing in the UK and for years my mother and then I have made the poor man's version using ground beef.…

Our Holiday Dinner

As I mentioned in my newsletter - I love to entertain. Last weekend I had some girlfriends over for a pre-Christmas dinner and I wanted…

Lillet Christmas Cocktail

This year, I'll be testing out a new Christmas cocktail in my kitchen - the Lillet Blanc Citrus-Thyme Apertif that I discovered by Athena Calderone. It…

Hugo Cocktails

Hugo Cocktails are definitely my go-to cocktail this September.  What is a Hugo Cocktail, you might ask? Delicious. That's what it is. If you love spritzes…

Cheers to new cocktail glasses.

As the day winds down, most nights I indulge in a cocktail before I cook dinner, and I sit and take in the view from…

A divine recipe.

Recently, I started following Athena Calderone who is a talented interior designer but also posts some seriously delicious recipes. Her handle on Instagram is @eyeswoon, and her…

This year's Easter Cake

When the girls were little I introduced the tradition of making a lemon cake for Easter. The results were hit or miss but the girls…

The Lemon Cake We Make for Easter

(From 2019) Each year the girls and I make a lemon cake for the family's Easter Sunday dinner. This Easter will find us in Miami…

Enter to Win

A Family Portrait Session
at the Jersey Shore
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