Cheers to new cocktail glasses.

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As the day winds down, most nights I indulge in a cocktail before I cook dinner, and I sit and take in the view from my apartment.  Typically, my cocktail of choice is a simple gin and tonic.

But having a nightly cocktail is more than just enjoying a beverage, to me it’s more of a three-fold experience — what it is you’re sipping, who you are sipping with and what you are sipping from.

I have two exquisite, hand-cut glasses from the 40’s that I pulled out of the cupboard the other day. (Sadly, I seemed to have broken the rest over the years and a move.)

On the hunt to expand my collection, I stumbled upon these beautiful coupe glasses from Crate and Barrel. Don’t they make you feel like dressing up and putting on red lipstick? (Even if it’s just to sit in your living room.)

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