Bottoms Up! Cocktail Trends for 2017

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Cocktail trends 2017

Cocktail Trends 2017 require a new level of  focus

Let’s discuss cocktail trends 2017. We’re raising the bar (no pun intended) on cocktail ingredients and even bar snacks.  This revered recipe from restauranteur Danny Meyer’s  Union Square Cafe will level up your cocktail hour.

While bar nuts have been around since the era of cocktail shakers there are some interesting ingredients making it into glasses these days:

Some of these ingredients take a bit of tracking down. Many but have additional uses and health benefits. Read more about birch water  and activated charcoal for everything from aiding digestion to whitening teeth!  For the moment- consider upping your bar-game.  Watch as teas, coffees, plant waters and tree sap make their way to the top shelf in 2017.

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