Color Trends for 2013 – Guest Blogger Taylor Stebbins

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Taylor Stebbins worked in the fashion industry for 10 years and has been passionate about fashion since she was able to dress herself.  Her style sense stems from the desire to create a closet that is timeless and on trend with styles that can stand the test of time.  Being fashionable doesn’t have to cost a fortune, Taylor has a knack for finding pieces that won’t break the bank. Taylor specializes in wardrobe editing, personal styling and shopping assistance.   She finds inspiration in individuality, not trends. 

My feeling on “trends”: in  general…its hard to buy into a trend that isn’t authentic to your life.  Personally I would never wear patent neon green pointed toe stilehetto’s. I would have nothing in my closet to pair them with and nowhere to wear such a “trend”. Skinny jeans, coated jeans, colored jeans, oversized totes, envelope clutches, fur vests, booties, long necklace, stacking bracelets, sequin mini’s…these I can wear to work, to dinner, to drinks and still feel like me. Not to say that those green heels aren’t you, maybe they are, and if so, rock them sister! Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you aren’t fashionable if you choose to let high waisted jeans fall by the way side.

This image seems to speak to my personal styling, its an updated look but not “trendy”. That picture could have been taken 5 years ago and those pieces can be worn in another 5 years. Timeless in a way that isn’t a little black dress and pearls, and on trend without screaming 2012.

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