Fall Trend Report

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Last month I returned to Neiman Marcus for The Trend Report hosted by the beautiful, energetic and passionate stylist – Sonia Minetti Sengos.

This carefully curated fashion show gets bigger every season so I was thrilled to receive an invitation from Sonia. I have loved seeing her career blossom over the years and if you are looking to feel more empowered and beautiful – she is your point woman. She will gently nudge you out of your comfort zone and fuel you with the confidence to shine. Let’s be honest – how you dress can make a great differnce to how you feel.

Anyway, I am reporting back to you with the run down on “What to Wear” this season!

Pink is big and I fell in love with the opening look which included a pink shearling coat by Micheal Kors. So damn happy I purchased a pink faux fur jacket in the early spring of this year! I thought it was a big mistake at the time but I feel fabulous when I wear it!

Emerald green continues to rock and Sonia featured an emerald green suit by Emporio Armani that had me drooling.

Bright colors are big but having said that shades of brown are also everywhere.

Sonia has always been a big fan of layering jewelry and I’m sure you have all seen that look growing popular. Her tip this season was to mix metals plus add pearls and crystals. I’m going try and wrap my head around wearing gold and silver together and I do have a crystal necklace that was my grandmothers that I will add to my layering. (we call that ‘shopping in your closet’)

Mono color outfits continue to be strong and I do love that look.Knitwear dresses are on trend and bomber jackets are back! 

Belted dresses are everywhere – of course I threw out all my belts a couple of years ago as I did not want to bring attention to my waist but I think I was not on point with that thought. I am sure that Sonia would tell us that belts actually add shape!

Fluffy accessories are hot, go oversized for jackets and coats. Booties and biker boots continue to be on trend and over the knee boots are back for this fall.

In regards to leather jackets, we are moving away from the fitted look and onto a looser style but Sonia also featured a couple of lovely short, cropped jackets.

She featured a stunning trench coat which has a short window of wear but looks so stylish.

Maxi dress and mini skirts were featured with slits in skirts being a strong look.

Yes – pants are bigger and baggier. We have ‘permission’ to wear our skinny jeans but pair with a baggy sweater. Loafers with chunky heel to pair well with flares which sounds like a comfy option for footwear.

Big collars are coming back and patent accessories are big.

Sonia always reminds us that a well fitting blazer is absolutely necessary in every woman’s closet and I need to get back to Sonia for an update on that staple.

Winter white is a great love of mine and Sonia agrees. I make sure I have that look in my closet when fall hits each year

As always Sonia wrapped up her show by advising her clients to Have Fun, Go Big and most importantly dress in a way that makes you feel beautiful!

Thank you Sonia- can’t wait for The Spring Trend Report in 2023!

Sonia can be reached on IG @SoniaMinettiSengos

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