Five Designer Tips from Joan Enger of J. Patryce Design

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Joan Enger owner of J Patryce Design and I have been neighbors forever and I am so excited to share her top 5 tips for assembling your own signature home style.

1. Don’t be afraid to collect. I am constantly on the hunt, whether at tag sales, antique shops, group shows or traveling – for wonderful, interesting objects. We typically source all of the objects for our clients but welcome their additions! Etsy, eBay and Instagram are great resources as well. It is critical to mix materials and form for balance and visual interest (trays, books, sculpture; metal, wood, glass, ceramics, etc.).

2. Go dark with the trim. We have been really into painting the moldings, doors, and windows several shades darker than the walls. It makes such a difference in the overall look and feel and is much less expected than white.

3. Go big with the Rug! The number one ‘design blooper’ we find with DIY enthusiasts relates to the size of the rug. The rug should fill the space and the furniture should sit entirely on the rug (vs. partially on). There is nothing more beautiful than a room size rug and it will make the room feel larger.

4. Artwork is key! There are so many great affordable art and framing resources these days. Our favorites are: Uprise Art, Tappan, ArtStar and Framebridge. Art or sculpture on the walls changes everything! We recommend using a mix of media – works on paper, wall sculpture, paintings, drawings, etc. And you don’t have to fill every wall – but stacking or grouping is definitely the way to go! You can also look for emerging artists on Etsy, Instagram and lastly – vintage art is sometimes a steal and is typically already framed. Might just need a fresh matte.

5. We adore wallpaper at JPD. We would probably cover every surface if given the choice. Wallcoverings can add texture, pattern, color and they completely enhance and warm up a space. And don’t forget about the ‘fifth wall’ (the ceiling) which is a super fun place to add some fun (works especially well in nurseries/kids’ rooms).

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