For New Moms – Take a MOMent

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Since COVID there has been a shift in time spent together in real time and that includes Moms groups. Meet Aly Shampain, the founder behind Take a MOMent, a new moms support group that has quickly become an invaluable resource for mothers in Hoboken. Driven by her own transformative journey into motherhood, Aly recognized a pressing need within her community: the desire for a comprehensive and nurturing space where moms could come together, share their experiences, and access essential local resources. Fueled by her passion for creating meaningful connections and providing unwavering support, Aly established Take a MOMent as a space for moms to gather, learn, and grow. Through this initiative, moms find solace in one another’s stories, forge deep friendships, and tap into a network of dedicated local professionals eager to guide them through this beautiful yet challenging chapter of their lives. Take a MOMent has not only filled a crucial gap but has also empowered countless new mothers to embark on their parenthood journey with confidence, grace, and an unwavering sense of community.

The group is growing fast so reach out and get involved! Instagram link

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