A Day at Fort Tryon Park

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The onset of Spring has me aching to be outdoors. Recently the girls and I visited Fort Tryon Park, scouting for locations for our upcoming sessions. We have Fort Tryon Park sessions scheduled for the following dates: Sat. May 4th, Sun. May 5th, and Sun. June 2nd.  If you’d like a Spring session on the Jersey side please check our NJ locations and dates listed here. Give us a call if you’d like to book your Spring Session at 201.610.1199.

The trip to the park from New Jersey is relatively simple as it sits just above the George Washington Bridge and there is parking on the premises. The park was donated to the city by John D. Rockefeller and is the highest point in NYC. When Rockefeller purchased the park he made certain to put in a clause that nothing over 35 feet high could be built across the way on the Palisades to preserve the gorgeous view!

If you book a session with us for this beautiful location please save time to explore the park- there is so much to do and see! Here are a few don’t-miss activities.

The Billings Arcade: Originally a private estate owned by C.K.G. Billings Fort Tryon Park boasts the original driveway approach which survived the fire that destroyed the estate. It is known as the Billings Arcade – a 50-foot arched structure which was the original driveway that meandered up the hill to the estate.

The Cloisters: Nelson Rockefeller donated the structure known as The Cloisters to New York. The building is comprised of bits of churches, convents and other medieval structures brought over from Europe. The Museum is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and houses over 2000 pieces of art including the seven famous Unicorn Tapestries. (Please Note: We cannot do any photos that include the museum itself due to copyright laws)

Home to the largest public access garden in NY: The Spring is a fantastic time at Fort Tryon Park for daffodils, quince, cherry blossoms and heather.

A country inn right in Manhattan: The New Leaf Restaurant is a charming stone building that hosts not only extraordinary catered affairs but a lovely weekend brunch!

The first woman soldier in the US is honored in the park: Margaret Corbin fought in the battle of Fort Washington during the American Revolution, taking over the cannons after her husband was killed in the battle and becoming wounded herself. She was also the first woman to collect a soldier’s pension for her wounds. There is a plaque commemorating her service at the entrance to the Park at Margaret Corbin Drive.

The last lighthouse in Manhattan: Located just down the hill underneath the George Washington Bridge is the Little Red Lighthouse, built in 1920 and the subject of a 1941 book “The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge” by Hildegarde Swift. The path to get to the lighthouse is pretty challenging but if you are up for a hike, it’s a piece of NYC history.

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