A Gallery Wall- The Story of Us

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If you are considering a gallery wall for your home we can help. There are no absolutes when putting your gallery together and no room is exempt. I am happy to work with you using images from your family’s history, such as a wedding or grandparent image- as well as images taken by Hartshorn through the years

Bathrooms & Kitchens I think that anything goes in these locations and artwork here is unexpected and striking. We have a stretched canvas of our girls which has been in the bathroom for 2 years and has not been damaged by moisture.

The kitchen makes a fantastic place to hang non-traditional images and makes a great conversation-starter when you entertain.

Bedrooms I tend like a more subdued feel in the bedroom because I believe that bedrooms should be restful sanctuaries. Sepia prints and watercolors with softer colors work well.

Hallways Corridors are perfect for creating a gallery wall of mismatched frames and styles. I encourage people to have art in a variety of media – prints, hand torn watercolors and canvases in both sepia and color. Start your wall here and you can absolutely go floor to ceiling with mixed media art & photos.

A gallery wall in your home is a living, growing thing and it is our pleasure to assist clients in assembling their own collection year by year or creating a new wall design when a home is purchased. I’d love to work with you to assemble a wall of images we’ve taken of your family over the years. Please email me at jennifer@hartshornportraiture.com and let’s get started.

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