Growing my Garden

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I love to garden. I find it grounding and peaceful to have my hands in the earth. 

If I’m having a bad day, I go out in the garden and my spirits are nearly instantly lifted. In fact, having your hands in the dirt is scientifically proven to release serotonin levels (aka the happy hormone.)

This year I have tried my hand at growing plants from just tiny seeds and, so far,  not so good.

It is definitely labor intensive, emotional, and honestly – somewhat disappointing. 

So far, the seeds I procured from wilted flowers at Wavehill Gardens last fall were more actually successful than those I purchased online. We’ll see if it stays that way!

Gardening also is always a wonderful project to do with young kids. As my girls are now away at university, they have such fond memories of growing up gardening. In fact, just last week my daughter called, saying she could smell spring in the air and it made her homesick. She said it reminded her of having our old front door open and seeing me in the yard gardening. 

I laughed, kindly reminding her that when she was young, I actually would have to drag her out to plant things and she would be PISSED. She agreed, but says now looking back she really enjoyed it and misses it. 

Isn’t it funny how memories that feel mundane can grow to be so beloved?

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