Handmade Gifts that Don’t Suck!

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My girls recently asked me what I would like for Christmas, and though they are now 19 and 20 years old (crazy!) I would still prefer something they have made for me. Think about it — there is so much love that comes with a gift that one has spent time creating just for you.

This tradition began in our home because I grew up in a family with a strict budget. My mum spent the months leading up to Christmas making us toys because it was less expensive. I would lie in bed at night hearing the sewing machine go excited for what I would unwrap on Chirstmas Day!

Oh boy, were they amazing gifts — some I still have as I cannot bear to throw away. Puppets on strings, a life size doll with a wardrobe of clothes. Beautiful clothes for my brother and I (though I desperately wanted “real’ jeans with the studs). A papermache farm for my brother. Love.

I remember embroidering a table cloth for my mum one year.

One of my favorite gifts from the girls to Mac and I was a screw top jar containing messages handwritten on pieces of paper with reasons why they loved each of us. I still have it beside my bed and when I am feeling down, I reach for the jar and read a few messages. Now that a gift that keeps on giving.

At one point, our girls used to make gifts for everyone in the family though that has changed a bit as time goes on. One year Cameron was on a candle making kick so EVERYONE got a sculptured candle of some kind and I still see them in relatives homes. Another year was shells painted with gold leaf for jewelry.

Are you going to be making any gifts this year? Let me know – give me some ideas!

This year, my youngest, Cameron, is getting home earlier than her sister, so we are going to pickle cucumbers for all the uncles and nephews. Here are some Mason Jar options to consider but I think that the kids ideas are always received with the most enthusiasm even or especially if they are not perfect!

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