Hugo Cocktails

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Hugo Cocktails are definitely my go-to cocktail this September. 

What is a Hugo Cocktail, you might ask? Delicious. That’s what it is. If you love spritzes of any kind, citrus or champagne — this is a drink for you. 

Light, refreshing and cooling the Hugo Cocktail includes muddled mint, lime, elderflower syrup, Prosecco and sparkling water. It’s not too sweet, has a bit of a kick to it, and is an awesome mid-day cocktail or before-dinner drink.

Over at, she shares her simple instructions for mastering the cocktail at home. She advises:


  • ▢1 sprig of mint
  • ▢½ lime sliced
  • ▢1 Tbsp elderflower syrup more if you like it sweet, 15 mL
  • ▢1 cup Prosecco or white sparkling wine 236 mL
  • ▢1 to 2 Tbsp sparkling water 15 to 30 mL
  • ▢½ cup ice cubes


  • Muddle: Briefly muddle the mint in your glass, or leaves between your palms to draw out the flavor, then place in glass. You can either remove the leaves from the stem or keep them on. Add lime slices.
  • Assemble: Pour in elderflower syrup, Prosecco, and a splash of sparkling water.
  • Serve: Stir to combine and serve immediately on ice.

Do let me know if you try it!

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