Milena’s Baby: Is Gray the New Pink (or Blue?)

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gray the new pinkIs gray the new pink?

Milena is an avowed neutral fan. Colors range often from gray to slate to cream and occasionally chestnut but rarely beyond. While the colors may seem a bit, colorless (which they are!) they are rarely dull! It seems that there are more and more mums opting for this softer gentler palette and shying away from traditional pinks, blues and yellows. Below are some areas you may want to add a bit of serenity into your little one’s wardrobe, accessories, nursery, even toys!


While the color choice may be less than traditional this bubble knit bottom and bonnet set in delicious Peruvian cotton by Petit Coo is a perfect summer set!


Textures come directly to the foreground when color is no longer the primary focus.  This Moroccan throw with its tufts and fringe  or the pinstripe version are both  great for throwing over your shoulders while nursing  or to place on the floor as a play mat. These La Jolla woven baskets use a combination of recycled plastic and seagrass to create super chic storage for toys and clothes.



Love the whimsy of this rocking cloud by Maison Deux. Wool is naturally soil resistant and the French oak rocker blades are  keep the floor scuff free!

DIY and a bit of color make for an adorable set of house building blocks for littles.

Is gray the new pink

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