It’s Teacher Appreciation Week in Quarantine….

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Teacher Appreciation Week

We have some ideas to make it special

Stay at home has given many parents a new appreciation (or enforced it) of their children’s teachers and all they do. More than ever, appreciating these hard-working folks (who ALSO may have children at home) is a challenge, but we have some ideas.

How To do Teacher Appreciation Week During Quarantine

  1. A Handwritten Thank You Note– Every teacher I talked to requested this, especially right now.  They can’t be with the kids to see the smiles on their faces or hear their “thank you’s” during the day.  So if the teacher is comfortable giving you their address have the kids draw or write them something and drop it in the mail.  That way they can handle it in whatever way they consider safe.  Or all the parents could put something together and mail it as a big book.
  2. Send Them Dinner– Grab them a gift card for GrubHub, Door Dash or any of the other services in the area.
  3. A “Thank You Parade”– If you are in the environment where the teacher’s house is known and nearby consider doing a parade with cars.  The kids can create posters and hang out the windows to wave and say “thank you” to their teacher.
  4. A Video Saying Thank You– If you or the teacher are not comfortable mailing something a video saying “thank you” would also be fantastic.  Or you can leave a thank you note in Google Classroom.
  5. A Note Saying What They Have Learned– In the same vein one teacher friend requested a note specifically saying what they have learned.  Some of the stories I have heard of how kids are in Zoom a teacher might really appreciate this.  They may not feel that all their messages are getting through.
  6. Digital Gift Cards– Here is a list of popular places that have easy e-gift cards
    1. Local Businesses– Any time you can support a local business make an effort.   Try to find a business near the school so in the fall when things go back to normal your favorite teacher can order in.  Or maybe somewhere they can get a hair cut, shave or mani/pedi.
      1. Starbucks– With all their drive thru’s still open Starbucks is a treat all the time.
      2. Target– I don’t feel like I need to explain why Target is great.  Your teacher can use it now or when they need a break.

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