Jen’s Day Out: The Museum of Arts and Design

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Museum of Arts and Design

Having just come back from 2 weeks away I barely have a moment away from playing catch up in all areas of my life. That being said a day off here or there is restorative and a trip into Manhattan is a quick vacation from the weekday grind.

I needed to recharge the creative batteries and Museum of Arts and Design at Columbus Circle is so inspirational. The works included are not only visually stunning but thought provoking. This museum is as much about the political as it is about the decorative.

A few exhibits currently on display:

Derrick Adams: Sanctuary:  a selection of mixed-media collage, on paper and wood panels, and sculpture presented in an installation designed by the artist addresses the issues highlighted by the Black Lives Matter movement

La Frontera: Encounters Along the Border: is a collection of jewelry by artists from Mexico, the United States, Latin America, and Europe expressing the current tensions between countries and the porous nature of borders and the exchanges of arts culture and ideas these borders allow.

Surface/Depth: The Decorative After Miriam Schapiro: Miriam Schapiro was a pioneering feminist artist who created collages- femmages, actually, the term she used to describe her painting and collage pieces influenced by women’s home arts and crafts.

After a trip through all of these thoughtful exhibits, something on the lighter side was in order- I chose the restaurant at the top of the Museum- Robert. Situated above it all, Robert offers breathtaking views of Central Park and Columbus Circle (be certain to book ahead and request a window table!). The decor is bright, colorful and modern, the service is incredibly attentive but never intrusive. The food- a multi-culturally influenced American cuisine.- is presented so beautifully, you almost don’t want to eat it! Plates, especially at lunch, are easily shared.

The entire experience, paired with being off on my own in one of the great cities in the world, was just what I needed. Consider taking yourself there and be certain to try one of their beautiful cocktails as you look out over the city.

Museum of Arts and Design Museum of Arts and Design Museum of Arts and Design Museum of Arts and Design

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