Attention Gardeners-Start Your Lettuces!

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It’s about 8 weeks before the frost is gone. This year be ready for the short season for growing leafy greens. Start your lettuce seeds indoors  . You can either start the seeds with a bit of potting soil in a cardboard egg carton. The seeds should be buried lightly under the dirt and will sprout within 2 weeks. You can also order handy soil pods and seeds from www.seedsnow.com- they also offer a mesclun mix of seeds for just $1.99 . They’ll need to be started indoors and transferred outdoors mid-April (the last frost date for our area is about April 15). In the meanwhile the tiny seedlings are a cheerful reminder that Spring isn’t far and little ones love watching them grow!  Lettuce needs about 6 hours of sun a day- I keep mine on the front steps!

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