Little Loves 1.23 Edition

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Little Loves 1.23: The Best Throws for Cuddling

little loves 1.23Winter is when my mama-bear instinct yells HIBERNATE! And for that you need lovely snuggly blankets for cuddling on couches and beds. I bought a beautiful throw from Tourance on Gilt. So soft! I found the girls snuggling under it the very next day. I also saw that Anthropologie has some gorgeous throws at 20% off

Little Loves 1.23: Three Ways to Battle Winter Hair

little loves 1.23The harsh weather conditions winter brings can make it hard to keep your hair looking healthy. Frizziness from hats, dryness from the winds and an overall dullness due to the transitions from cool temperatures outside to warmer environments inside. Follow these simple steps to keep your hair glowing, even during winter:

1. MOISTURISE. Make sure your shampoo and conditioner products are all about moisturising.

2. WASH LESS. Try to wash your hair as few times a week as possible. When you do, it’s extra important to now skip the conditioner. You truly need it at this time of the year.

3. HAIR MASKS. Yes, you probably already know that hair masks are great for your hair’s maintenance but are you actually using one? Once a week is a must! Just try for at least a month and you’ll already see a huge difference.

Little Loves 1.23: A Super Snack for Superbowl

walking tacoThe Superbowl offers something for each of us- whether you love sports, or pop music or are a fan of the over the top commercials- it can be fun to hang out with a crowd of friends and enjoy all of it. Creating a dish that pleases all and still embraces fun can be challenging, but I have it: the walking taco! Basically a bag of chips (you can use individual bags of corn chips, fritos or doritos) accompanied by a toppings bar of sauteed ground meat (beef or turkey), or beans with taco seasoning (store bought or make your own easily) toppings like salsa, shredded cheese or queso, and vegetables such as lettuce, tomato and avocado. People scoop their toppings into their chip bag (on a plate or things WILL get messy) and eat with a fork and knife. Everyone from vegan to hard core carnivore will enjoy this and clean up is easy!

Little Loves 1.23: Captain Fantastic and One Bad A** Mom

little loves 1.23The family settled in for a movie night and watched the wonderful Captain Fantastic. The movie chronicles the life of a family living deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. The story led our family into conversation about the pluses and minuses of modern living. I, for one, was a bit envious. Even more so when I read about Emily Harteau, a road-warrior mom raising her kids while traveling the world in a caravan.

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