Make Your Bed: Best Linen Bedding

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When my linen duvet cover lost the will to live I began searcing the Winter sales for a high-quality replacement. While the rest of the world is obsessed with weighted blankets I truly believe that a good night’s rest starts with great linens.

Weight and softness are two of the main points of discussion. The problem with ultra soft, ultra thin sheets is that they’re more susceptible to shredding, especially if you use them often. That’s why the highest quality linen sheets will feel thick and even a little scratchy at first—they’ll get softer with every wash and will last forever.

Cultiver is well-priced, has a large variety of colors and sources like Vogue, Apartment Therapy and House and Garden rate them as best in class.

Snowe is another good option and has a store in NYC so you can actually touch what you are considering purchasing. Their bedding is all made in Italy of Belgian flax they’re created with a special air-washing technology that basically achieves the softness you would get after a few dozen washes. (the packaging is also gorgeous!). Also worth noting: Snowe has a 90-day trial period so you can be sure the high price is worth it.

West Elm While their sheets feel similar to brands like Parachute and Brooklinen, with an ultra light unlike linen feel, if you’ve never slept on linen before, this is a great starter option. I am concerned that these ultra soft, ultra thin sheets will be how they wear over time. West Elm’s sheets aren’t exactly a long term solution but you can get a feel for whether linen sheets are for you- oh, and they are currently on sale…

I discovered that Gilt has great pricing on luxury bedding in the end purchased a set there from Matteo for a great price

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