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In honor of Women’s History Month, I wanted to take every opportunity to connect with local female entrepreneurs and learn their stories, and about their businesses. 

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Gorlan, the Client Services Director of New York City for Private Prep, a former Hoboken resident and soon-to-be mom.  

In learning about her, I was truly blown away by the way that she single-handedly has expanded the New York-based service into nEw Jersey six years ago, and how much it has grown from there.  Especially in the wake of COVID-19.

While meeting with Jessica, I was able to reflect how, more than ever before, parents are struggling to support their children’s academic needs in such a changing educational landscape – especially if both parents are working.  While my girls are currently abroad at university, my heart truly goes out to you all managing your careers and your child’s remote learning —  it must be such a challenge. 

To learn more about Jessica and Private Prep, I sat down to chat with her and wanted to share what I learned.  Perhaps her services are just what you are looking for — I know I wish I knew about these services when my girls were still in high school. 

About Private Prep

Whether it’s by maximizing a student’s scores on standardized exams, improving their class grades, or finding the right college fit, Private Prep provides a top-of-the-line service. 

In the last year, Jessica explained that Private Prep has become busier than ever. With the lack of classroom structure, things are slipping through the cracks and parents want to know that their kids are still on track. Children of all ages are in need of executive functioning and specific subject support, and that’s where Private Prep comes in.

Private Prep tutors work  hard to meet the specific, supplemental, and individualized educational needs of North Jersey students who are navigating busy schedules and an ever-changing home routine. 

They have a stellar track record of helping students from kindergarten through college and most importantly  — they care. 

About Jessica

Jessica is a former Hoboken resident and 6 months pregnant. She single-handedly expanded the New York-based Private Prep in New Jersey six years ago and is continuing to foster exponential growth. 

With a proven track record of success in education, Jessica has years of experience teaching, and holds a BA in Early Childhood from Towson and MA in Reading Specialist Language Arts from NJCU.

Jessica also is a proud Jersey Girl, former Hoboken resident and has deep ties to Bergen County, where she worked as a teacher and reading specialist. She is also a graduate of Pascack Valley High School. 

Jessica absolutely loves her role at Private Prep and deeply understands the native landscape of competitive schools.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Private Prep can help your family, Jessica can be reached at, or (646)-668-0092. *AS A SPECIAL FOR OUR CLIENTS, JESSICA WILL GIFT HARTSHORN FAMILIES A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION AND $100 OFF YOUR FIRST LESSON!* (For new Private Prep clients, only.)

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