My favorite age is now…

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The right time is now

I read the above quote- “My favorite age is now” (Kirsten Dunst) as I was watching Milena, our beauty photographer working with a client in a portrait session.

We have had a number of clients come to us for a beauty session with a battery of concerns about their appearance. To a woman, each walked out saying- “This was nothing like what I expected.” That the person in the images was someone they thought was gone- or never existed at all. Someone beautiful, confident and relaxed in every picture.

I had a session with Milena for my 50th birthday- my first thought? Get it in before it’s too late! What came to me as I looked at the resulting images was a wonderful sense that instead of my most beautiful moments being behind me at all- they were ahead.

Consider booking a session with us- for a birthday, as a gift for a loved one or (most especially) for yourself, after all, you’re at the perfect age.

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