My Visit to Dr. Poynor

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I was debating on whether to share this image,  but it made me laugh so hard that I felt I should. Here is a bit of backstory. 

Friday night, I made a list of things to do before finishing my workday. Neighbors arrived for cocktails, we were chatting and I had this thought that I had left something really important off my list, but I did not know what it was. So, I wrote this note to myself, and at some point over the weekend, I remembered.

Yes, we are all forgetful — but in your 50’s it can become a problem. Women talk about so much, so openly — but Hormone Replacement Therapy seems to be something that most keep private. Memory and hair loss, anxiety, and trouble sleeping are just a few of the challenges.

Last year, I met Dr. Poynor of Poynor Health last year, and explained my situation expecting very little. She replied she was  “results-driven” and not to worry, that I would feel better soon enough.

Now, I’m following a plant-based protocol and the changes are subtle over time but after about 4 weeks I realized I was much less anxious and sleeping 100% better.

Visiting Poynor Health is an experience in itself. Located on the Upper East Side, it’s quite a departure from the average OBGYN visit. Warm and welcoming staff, delicious smells, a luxurious waiting room with sexy lighting, comfortable sofas, and pretty throws. I felt like I was in Hollywood!

The consultation and examination rooms are no different – pink velvet chairs no medical supplies insight. Then, Dr. Poynor makes her entrance, a stunning woman, fabulously dressed with all the time in the world for you.

I can’t recommend her services enough. Her work is her life and it shows- I have had phone calls with her at 9pm on a Sunday night!

As a dear friend of mine in the UK recently said, “Why should we suffer if there is an alternative?” I thoroughly agree!

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