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I want to better myself and set a good example for my kids. I think it’s important for them to see me trying to better myself in one way or another.” Nathalie Crews-Vargo

There are so many places to find make-up these days, from so many resources. I am drawn to providers who have more than just a product to sell- I want a company that is mindful, in their practices and products and have been thrilled with the products from Beautycounter and the advice and guidance I have received from local mom Nathalie Crews Vargos.

Thanks so much for talking to me Nathalie!

Women have so many things drawing their time and attention and the choices between home and work are difficult at best. Why did you choose Beautycounter?

NCV- Beautycounter stands for everything I love. Transparency, education, and push to do better. The transparency is extremely important. All products are reviewed by EWG (Environmental Working Group) which is a 3rd party company. Anyone can see how they rate the items’ safety level. I also love the fact that Beautycounter’s top priority is educating about the lack of regulation in the beauty care industry, not just selling products. It is crazy how these are products you put on yourself or your children and there isn’t any meaningful laws about which chemicals are used. Europe has banned over 1400 cosmetic ingredients while the US has regulated significantly less- under 50! Beautycounter has banned 1800 ingredients automatically from every product they sell. Beautycounter has an active presence in our nation’s capital trying to help push for stronger regulations.

What’s the best thing about working outside the house for you? And, conversely, what’s the worst?

 I love to be home but it’s important to get out. Talk to other adults and feel like you are helping. It hurts when the you have to miss a field trip or can’t pick up the kids when schools ends, but I remember when I was young and my mother worked. I felt so proud of her and how cool she was to be a working mom. She was a boss!

I like to ask everyone- what’s your WHY? What takes you away from home and family to do what you do?

I want to better myself and set a good example for my kids. I think it’s important for them to see me trying to better myself in one way or another.

In five years, what does this career path look like? Or is it another?

One thing I have learned is that you never know where life will take you. I think it is important to be open to new opportunities. Don’t ever limit yourself!

If anyone wants to reach out for more information on Beautycounter how would they do that?
You can reach me at my email or

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