Beauty by Hartshorn

Beauty by Hartshorn, created by Associate Photographer Milena Lopez


“Milena is a gifted and talented professional in her field. Perfect for the work that she specializes in.  I felt safe in her presence. It was an experience that I will treasure. Empowering, enlightening and fun. It allowed me to stretch my own mindset of me!”

-Susan Kerrigan

Beauty is within, not the exterior.  As a portrait photographer, Milena has always strived to capture the essence of her subjects. Milena’s passion for beauty extends beyond the lens and connects with the women she photographs. She believes that beauty is the sum of one’s life experiences and the uniqueness of the individual.

We are so excited that Milena is bringing a new aspect to Hartshorn Portraiture- Beauty.

Milena has created Beauty at Hartshorn Portraiture as a dedication to the selflessness of a woman.  Mothers, wives, sisters, grandmothers put themselves second to caring for themselves.

Beauty is a photography experience where Milena takes the time to get to know who you are and produces images that reveal your true beauty.

This is not a headshot, this is not a social media profile picture, this is a time where you can celebrate who you are.  These will be images you can cherish for a lifetime, look back on, and share with future generations.

Our Beauty by Hartshorn session is a complete experience designed to take you away from your everyday life – enjoy being pampered with a personal makeup session while you sip champagne, every detail is taken care of so you don’t have to think, just enjoy…

Milena will work with you throughout your entire experience, from a pre-session consultation to discuss wardrobe and makeup to carefully editing each image she creates. Her level of attention and knack for creating the perfect setting are her expertise- but don’t take our word for it…

“I will certainly tell all my girlfriends about Beauty, it is an experience that any woman would love. Milena has a way of connecting with her subjects – disarming and natural, she makes you feel at home right away.”

-Katrina Cunningham

“It is so rare that I get to feel this way. I am a mom all day and night, I barely have time to put on lipstick and go on a date with my husband. Being pampered by a personal makeup session, champagne, and a Beauty photo session with Milena reminded me how good it feels to make a little time for myself…”

-Rosa Moriello

Visit our Beauty Portfolio. For more information on Beauty by Hartshorn Portraiture, please call 201-610-1199.