Fine Art Prints

Hartshorn Portraiture offers state of the art printing and editing in house to produce the very best quality prints for your treasured portraits. All artwork receives the individual attention of an expert, is color approved, and hand cut during the production process. At the client’s discretion, images may be ordered in color, sepia, or black and white.

fine art portraiture printingWe specialize in fine art pieces such as canvases and watercolors.  Watercolors are created using the giclee process, which is commonly found in museums and art galleries. These heirlooms are signed by the photographer and are exceptional artworks that will grace your walls for a life time.

Our studio offers three options for your portraits.

Standard Prints

Each print is produced using the finest archival ink and paper, cut by hand, and available in standard or custom sizes.

Standard prints by Hartshorn Portraiture

Museum quality standard prints

Canvas Prints

These master canvas pieces are created on high quality cotton canvas and coated with a protective finish ensuring a lifetime of beauty. Canvases need no glass to protect them once framed utilizing our extensive range of handcrafted Italian frames.

Portrait printed on canvas

Portrait printed on canvas

An alternative is our museum quality wrapped canvas portraits.  These pieces bring a contemporary dimension to your decor. Perfect for creating picture walls or modern grouped artworks.

museum quality wrapped canvas prints

Detail of a portrait printed on museum quality wrapped canvas



Each watercolor print is carefully hand torn in our studio and a subtle flowing edge to the image is created on fine grade heavy watercolor paper. Museum series watercolor prints have vivid color and the look of fine art prints seen in art galleries.  Float mounting is used to showcase the unique hand torn edge of your watercolor portrait.

hand torn watercolor photographic print

Detail of a hand torn watercolor photographic print