Spring Refresh

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As the temperatures rise I find there are a few actions I can take to change things up for this much-anticipated seasonal change.

Refresh your home
I can feel Spring in the air and have even seen a few blossoms on trees and peeking out of the ground. With the new season I have a ritual of changes to celebrate its arrival. As Spring approaches I change my throws and pillows in the living room from fur to lighter linen and cotton options. I book the window cleaner for a visit to take the salt and dirt from the windows which makes a huge difference, allowing the light to come into our home. Other small changes that changes the look and feel of a room are new table lamps or candles.

Refresh your wardrobe
In anticipation of the change of season, take the time to go through your Winter items for donate or toss (why store them another year?) and go through and inventory Spring and Summer garments to identify what you need in the coming seasons. I like to do this in anticipation of my bi-annual trip to the Neiman Marcus fashion show at Hudson Yards. I’ll report back after the show in two weeks on trends for what to wear for the new season from my friend and super-stylist Sonia Minetti.

Refresh your mind
Meditation has been proven to improve energy and relieve anxiety, stress and depression. Mac recently shared a wonderful meditation app he discovered by neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris called “Waking Up” which has an introductory course that I have started. I’ve found that burning some Palo Santo (a wood incense-part of the citrus family with sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon.) as it has similar properties to sage and cedar and helps clear stagnant spaces.

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