Stunning Holiday Card Displays

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Creating Stunning Holiday Card Displays

Banisters and fireplace mantels are the traditional go-to’s for holiday card displays. I really wanted to celebrate all the greetings friends and family spent so much time to put together (who mails anything any more?). The displays above use found objects like pallet wood or rough-hewn boards, the sled was a cast-off from a neighbor, greenery from the tree or garland (with the added benefit of scenting the house with eucalyptus, sage and fir). String or ribbon of any kind, from jute to satin make a great base for hanging cards and binder clips from Staples or tiny clothespins from the craft store (or even full-size pins from the hardware store) and voila! Festive displays that you can re-use year after year.

If you’d like to create your own family greeting there is still time to schedule a session and we’ll help you design a holiday card friends and family will cherish- give us a call at 201.610.1199

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