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Get Grateful and be Happier

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Get Grateful If you want to be happy- you need to get grateful- or so says the NY Times. As the year closes I have been, in quiet moments (all three of them) feeling a sense of gratitude. I even stopped our holiday card in mid-production to add a phrase. “Grateful for all we have“. In gold lettering… Read more »

Traveling With Kids- Laughing All the Way

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Traveling with kids requires a whole new set of rules. Traveling with Kids 101 You’d never travel without your driver’s license or passport- here are the essentials for traveling with our tiny beloveds. Leave these items at home at your peril Snacks: Fresh fruit and veg, crackers and puffs, pouches and purees- bring more than you… Read more »

Tips for Travel with Sick Kids

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Travel with Sick Kids: A Survival Manual (Caution: This advice is strictly for kids on the mend or ones that get sick mid trip) I’m writing this as we make our way south on a 2-day road trip to join the greater Hartshorn clan in sunny Florida. If you are picturing singing and side trips… Read more »

Trending for 2017

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What’s is Trending 2017? I’ve been looking around and trying to see past the gloom and doom of the ending year for predictions that fprecast a fun 2017. Some things I see coming: Fun flash for when the holiday lights come down: Tassel Earrings Breakfast change-up: Overnight Oats Paint, pants, paper will show up this year in: Pantone’s Color of… Read more »

Naughty or Nice: Big Kids Holiday Fun

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Big Kids Holiday Fun After you’ve done with shopping, tree-trimming, gift wrapping, cookie decorating, shouldn’t someone buy you a drink? Or a night out? How about both? Here are a few activities to make mums and dads merry for big kids holiday fun. Big Kids Holiday Fun: Eats & Drinks Shakespeare Snow Globe Cocktails by mixologist… Read more »