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The Lemon Cake We Make for Easter

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(From 2019) Each year the girls and I make a lemon cake for the family’s Easter Sunday dinner. This Easter will find us in Miami and we may or may not be able to convince the girls to leave the beach for a hot kitchen, and I may not be able to convince myself! But… Read more »

Hibiscus Cocktails for Summer

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Hibiscus Cocktails Dried hibiscus flowers are used in a number of Latin American countries to brew teas or to create a cold drink called Agua de Jamaica. Hibiscus sabdariffa (commonly known as Roselle) is known to not only make a great tea, but also lower blood pressure. The dried hibiscus blossoms can be a good base for curry, and… Read more »

Our Favorite Things: Refreshing Summer Cocktails

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  Sure, there are those who believe any cocktail is refreshing and suitable for summer, and they have a point. But when you’re grilling, or feasting on clams, or kicking back on the sand, some combinations of ingredients do quench the thirst better than others. My favorite is anything fruity or bubbly! Below are some recipes that… Read more »

Perfect time for a Picnic!

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Every night there seems like there is something amazing to attend. Every town seems to be utlizing the extra hours of sunlight with music, movies, and festivities.  I recently discovered this lovely picnic bag that is perfect for an outdoor dinner. Happily, this spacious tote makes eating outdoors easy as a walk in the park. When not… Read more »

Vodka- Thyme Lemonade

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Beat the heat this July with this wonderfully refreshing lemonade (adults only)! This is a perfect compliment to your Fourth of July BBQ that I am positive your guests will enjoy. Ingredients 2 cups sugar  12 sprigs fresh thyme 4 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice, about 24 lemons 2 cups vodka Directions  In a small… Read more »

Triple- Berry Summer Salad

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With the temperature rising each day, it is ideal to come up with recipes that are both light and refreshing.  I recently discovered this recipe that uses fresh ingredients that can be picked up at your local farmer’s markets. Ingredients (Serves 4):  9 oz baby spinach, torn 1 cup sliced strawberries 1 cup raspberries 1 cup… Read more »

Beat the Heat: Frozen Hot Chocolate

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The temperature is rising, which means it is a perfect time to start making some cool down treats. I recently discovered this amazing recipe for frozen hot chocolate that tastes identical to the Serendipity Cafe in NYC. The only difference is this has only 150 calories and almost no fat, making it the perfect desert… Read more »