Too Cool for Back to School- 5 Supplies Just For Fun

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These Supplies are Too Cool for Back to School

Parent’s worlds are about to get a lot more complicated with the return of Back to School. While you are out getting your children outfitted with all the items on their lists- here are a few things to make this time more fun for all…

Tape Has a New Way to Roll

Too Cool for Back to School

Label school supplies, water bottles and more with new translucent Duck Tape Transparent Tints. The tape comes in aqua, fuchsia and lime, and can be used to create items such as tablet and pencil cases. The suggest retail price for the 1.88-inch-by-10-yard rolls is $4 to $6, Find store locations at duckbrand.com.


I Lunch in Rainbows

Too Cool for Back to School

Reversible sequins – swipe them and they turn from rainbow to silver and back again – are a new trend. They’re on backpacks, lunchboxes, pencil cases and more at area retailers and online. This Magic Rainbow Sequins lunchbox is available for $17.49 atfashionangels.com.



Snack Attack

Too Cool for Back to School

This dual-chambered snack container features two separate compartments with pop-up lids for easy access. It’s leak-proof, spill-proof and dishwasher safe. The Drink in the Box comes in a new size and is reusable, made from Tritan. It’s BPA and Phthalate-free; $9.99 for snack box, $7.99 (8 oz.) and $11.99 (12 oz.) drink box at drinkinthebox.com.


The P-Touch You Don’t Touch

Too Cool for Back to School

Need to label your kids’ school supplies? The new P-touch Cube is wireless and Bluetooth-enabled. Download the free P-touch Design & Print app to an Apple or Android device, then choose from a wide selection of label templates or design and save your own labels using 450 symbols and a variety of fonts. The P-touch Cube works with Brother P-touch TZe durable, laminated tapes. $59.99 includes label maker and AC Adapter at ptouch.com/cube-label-maker

The Highlight of the Day

Too Cool for Back to SchoolHighlighters have become an art form: These study aids are now shaped like a bottle of nail polish, popsicles and more. $3 for a set of three at Staples.


Too cool for back to school too cool for back to school

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