Traveling With Kids- Laughing All the Way

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Traveling with kids requires a whole new set of rules.

Traveling with kids

Traveling with Kids 101

You’d never travel without your driver’s license or passport- here are the essentials for traveling with our tiny beloveds. Leave these items at home at your peril

Snacks: Fresh fruit and veg, crackers and puffs, pouches and purees- bring more than you think you need- you might get hungry too! And bring an empty water bottle to fill post TSA

New Stuff: Bring a backpack of new little toys and books. The novelty of items children have never seen will reward you with longer play time. Remember to hold some back for the trip home or find some great reminders on your trip to play with on the way home.

Tech-time: There are wonderful apps to download and family movies to download on  Amazon Prime starting at $3.99.


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