What to Wear for Your Fall Photo Session

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What to Wear for your fall session

what to wear for your fall family photo

Autumn is an amazing time for photographs of your family. Our Fall in the Park sessions are among our most popular. The weather is cool and crisp and everyone feels more energetic. The colors around you are a burst of greens, gold, orange and crimson and make for a vivid background. We also do a number of beach sessions  as well in late September and early October. The light changes from Summer and the colors shift from light beige and bright blue to deeper greys, cobalt blue and amethyst.

I often get the question- “What should we wear for our Fall photo session?” from clients. While styles change, there are certain rules that remain constant. You can get some great ideas from our Park Portfolio. Here are some tips for dressing for your Fall family photo shoot.

Avoid the matching family outfits.

Families dressed in the same colors or matching jeans or white shirts is a trend that has come and gone. Instead, I like to advise clients to begin with mom- and an outfit she likes, and build from there. I lay the clothing I plan to wear on the bed , then add my husband’s choice and then the girls and adjust pieces until I have a mix that works.

Stick with solids or soft patterns
Limit super-bright colors and try to keep patterns either small or subtle. One family member in a bright or bold color or pattern can draw the eye away from the rest of the family. Keeping colors a bit muted and patterns small create balance between the subjects of the photo.
Avoid all white or all black
Strong black or white also draw the eye away. Bits of either are fine like a white shirt under a jacket or white jeans but too much black or white is distracting to the eye.
Leave logos at home
Try to avoid clothes with words or easily visible logos or pictures. Like patterns, these will distract from smiling faces and will also “date” your photos.
 Classic works best
Trends come and go but your family portraits will grace the walls of your home for a very long time. Choose classic styles that will bear the test of time.
It IS all about you
Whatever you choose to wear, be comfortable. Clothing that is tight or scratchy fabrics or too-high collars will impact how you look in photos. The best images allow family members to move freely and be themselves.
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what to wear for your fall family photo

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