What To Wear For Your Family Beach Portrait

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The days of wearing all white for your Beach session are over. We feel your wardrobe should reflect your family and each family member’s personality, whether at the Jersey Shore or the Hamptons.

Maybe consider the interior design of your home. Clothing choices that clash with the color theme in your living room could be an issue when you are choosing where to hang your beach portrait as artwork.

Muted tones that work with the backdrop are one option. Soft blues with green and beige blend with the colors of the sea, sand, and grasses to create a natural and peaceful feel for your beach family portrait session.

Shades of blue and white are a safe option for your family beach shoot and never a mistake. Maybe add patterns to allow each family member to be “seen” and break up the monochromatic look.

As a general rule, I suggest the rule of working with three colors. Maybe one family member wears clothing with a pattern. I love the color combination in the image below which is flattering to this mother and daughter’s skin tone.

Primary and bold colors can make a powerful statement bringing joy and energy to this image.

So in summary, consider the following for your Summer beach portraits:

  • Where you will hang this artwork?
  • What colors are most flattering for your family’s skin tone?
  • What mood would you like to create?
  • What colors reflect the personalities in your family?

We are just an email or a call away if you feel a ‘wardrobe meltdown’ is imminent. Lay out clothing options for each member of the family on your bed, send us photos and we will share our input!

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