What to wear to your beach session

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Many of you have been asking about wardrobe choices for your beach session.

Personally, I like to steer away from all white. To me that looks a little dated and we want these images to be timeless and hanging in you home for years to come.

As with any session, I suggest that the matriarch select her clothing, pick something you feel beautiful in. Put yourself first for a change!

If your clothing of choice has a soft pattern, then you have your color palette!  Choose three colors and voila! Whether a small family or a larger multi generational beach session- this rule seems to work. Tones of these colors can be light or dark to add variation.

Once again, it’s a good idea to have at least one member of the family with a piece of clothing that has a pattern so the overall look is relaxed and less staged.

If you have girls- a simple summer dress that she can twirl in works well.

Another suggestion is to think about the decor in your home. You don’t want the wardrobe colors to clash with the tones in your living room or family room

I’ve included some wardrobe options in this story that we love. Purples, greens and blues are safe with blush and soft orange looking stunning for some.

What are the most flattering colors for your family’s skin tone, hair and eye color?

Lay clothing on the bed and work with options until you have a color scheme that is pleasing to the eye.

I do not suggest purchasing new outfits for everyone – that can lead to a melt down. Remember I am only a phone call away if you are stuck.

Good luck – we will meet you at the beach!

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