What to Wear

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So you have booked your session and now you have to decide on wardrobe. For some of us that can be a little overwhelming. I call it the ‘wardrobe meltdown’ and have experienced the feeling myself in the past! Here are a few suggestions for what to consider before your next shoot. We hope some of this will put you at ease and help you and your family look and feel fantastic.

It is great to coordinate so that everyone in your family compliments one another. Our thought is that Mum should put herself first for a change! So, choose your current go-to outfit that makes you feel pretty and then base the rest of the family around your color scheme. Keep it simple. Try to stay away from dark colors, logos, and graphics. With babies less is more- we want to see their gorgeous chubby bodies.

Choose three colors that are different shades for the wardrobe. Do not feel as though you need to go and buy all new clothes for everyone in the family! That can definitely get stressful. Check everyone’s closet and start laying out some options on your bed to get started. Coordination is cool but matching each other exactly is not encouraged.

If you would like to do some patterns, gentle patterns are preferred to bold. Textured fabrics like corduroy, denim and lace all photograph well. Purples, blues and rusts look beautiful with the natural setting in parks or at the beach! Also keep footwear in mind. It will be seen in the images so it is something to be considered. It is also important that everyone is comfortable in their clothing. If you are shooting in the studio flattering necklines that show off shoulders and arms are a good choice. In addition, consider where you will hang your artwork and the colors in your home. Do you want bright colors or muted tones? Hope this helps for making the best and easiest choices preparing for your next shoot!

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