Your Family Is Your Masterpiece

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We have many clients who have worked with us throughout the years. After a long-time client has had a session very often I will make a home visit to reorganize the images we’ve taken over time, making room for the newest photos, relocating older images to more private areas in their homes. Favorite images often remain in a living or dining room or kitchen, sharing space with newer portraits of the family as they grow.

Our own family, as you can imagine, has a fairly extensive collection of images and I practice this same method, keeping the most current photos displayed in the public areas of the house and moving the older pictures to our 3rd floor. Raising teen-aged girls can become trying (to put it mildly) and when it does, I find that heading up to the top floor of our house and taking a moment among those pictures to remember those simpler times as a mum. It only takes one photo to spark a waterfall of memories of what makes being a parent wonderful.

We ask all our first-time clients to send images of the walls in their home. It inspires us, as time goes on, to create beautiful walls of memories as the years go on. I hope to share your own family masterpiece with you, very soon.

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